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lundi 22 décembre 2014

17 Cats Who Will Make You Question Evolution

1 :This little guy who’s trying, at least.

2 :This cat who can’t stop, won’t stop.

3 :This cat who is honestly lucky to be alive with those poor decision making skills.

4:This cat who accepted defeat way too soon.

5:This cat who can’t even get tissues right.

6:This horrible burglar.

7:But, even if they can be pretty dumb, at least they’re incredibly cute!

8:This cat who will never learn.

9:This cat who still doesn’t understand reflective surfaces.

10:And this cat who is so easily distracted when fishing.

11:This cat who understands fish but refuses to understand glass.

12:This cat who doesn’t know the meaning of “solid surfaces”.

13:This cat.

14:This cat who has no idea how slippers work.

15:This cat who doesn’t even know how to relax.

16:This cat who vastly over-estimated his jumping skills.


17 Cats Who Will Make You Question Evolution
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